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Oh My Giraffe. It has been over 7 months since I last posted. LOL. I rarely spend time on livejournal (all my time is spent on Facebook... and school and work and reading manga and watching dramas). XD HOW ARE YOU GUYS?! ~big hugs~ HOW MANY OF YOU ARE STILL "FOLLOWING" ME? XD LOL.

I come bearing gifts. Half of which ... AREN'T MANGA and NONE are Fruits Basket OR Ouran. OMG. BUT... IF YOU HAVEN'T, CHECK OUT KAT-TUN. THEY'RE THE AWESOMEMEST *BIG NODS*.


5 - FIVE
-- Hime and Nao
2 - Faster Than A Kiss
-- Sensei and Fumino
29 - KAT-TUN
-- Akanishi (yeah, yeah, he left, but whatev...), Guchi-kun, Kameppi, Naka-chan, Kou-chan, and Ueppi ;)
8 - Skip Beat
-- Kyoko, Yashiro
22 - V.B. Rose
-- Ageha, Yukari, Mitsuru, Mamoru, Hibari, Ririko

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Happy Summer Solstice! :D Here are tons of "summery" icons. Many of the Furuba icons are from volumes 10 and 11, which conprises of the summer vacation arc. :D So perfect, right? RIGHT! :D

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
+Resources + Affiliate

51 -- Fruits Basket
-- All the zodiac, Tohru, Machi, Manabe
16 -- Random
-- Quotes, Linda Linda Linda, Hula Girls, random stock

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24th-Feb-2010 11:06 pm - Icons for EWE!
Hi guys! :D I surprised myself and made a lot of icons. :D Happy day! Photoshop is a good friend of mine. It's late and I don't feel like talking too much ... so onto the ICONS. OMG.

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
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-12- Fruits Basket
-- Kagura, Kyo, Tohru, Uo, Hana, Yuki, Ritsu, Shigure
-9- Ouran Host Club
-- Group shots, Haru, Tamaki, Kyo, Hikaru, Kaoru
-25- Skip Beat
-- Kyoko, Maria, Takarada-shacho, Moko, Sho
-12- Random
- Binetsu shoujo, stock, quotes
(and sorry this isn't seperated, but again... it's LATE and I need to go to BED!)

cut cut cut cut so not original oh well!Collapse )
24th-Feb-2010 05:32 pm - OMGOSH HI. :D REQUEEEEESTTSSSSSSS
SORRRRRRY I HAVEN'T POSTED IN 6 MONTHS~! OMGOSH~! Haha! There were HOLIDAYS (retail + holidays = no icon making time) and then I started school for the first time in 2 years. I just built my own computer as well and have Photoshop CS 4 now~! (yay for student prices~!)

BUT ANYWAY... as an apology, I am offering the first 20 people an icon of their wish. And yes, that is AN icon. ;o; I'm sorry guys, I would make much more than that (and probably will anyway) ~~ BUUUUT SCHOOL + WORK = FUN KILLER.

SO... :D Use the following form to REQUEST your ICON. :D THANK YOU.

Name (S/N is fine):
Image, optional:
Text ideas, optional (be aware that 100x100 only offers so much space):
Lyrics/Song for inspiration, optional:
Big No-no's:
Okay to post in next icon post or yours only:

:D THANK YOU. I LOVE YA'LL, REALLY. :D I'll show it more often, I think. I'm trying to stop doing stupid expensive long drives to relieve stress and I have found that photoshop is actually a good cure. :D So RELIEVE MY STRESS. THANK YOU.

OH AND UPDATE: I'VE MADE A NEW LAYOUT FOR merrychildicons! CHECK IT OUT and tell me what you think. ^^
Wow. It's been awhile. XD It's been 5 months since my last icon post. Gomen, ne? Life can be a booger from a very big nose sometimes. XD I've actually had some time off to make icons lately. It's be teh awesome, except that I had some teeth yanked (so warning, some of these icons were made under the influence of vicodin). XD

Anyways, :D FUN TIMES. I made some icons from "new series". They're not new series, but they're new for me to icon a lot. XD So yay! I hope ya'll like Skip Beat and Love Com! :D ♥ I think they are the awesome secret sauce on the big mac of life. K? So seriously, enjoy. :D (Oh, and no, I am not under the influence of vicodin anymore, I am currently under the influence of a little drug called "CHOCOLATE MUFFIN").

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
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13 ♥ Fruits Basket
~ Akito, Shikito, Kagura, Kyo, Tohru, Yuki
4 ♥ Gakuen Alice
~ Mikan, Natsume
11 ♥ Love Com
~ Otani, Risa
13 ♥ Ouran High School Host Club
~ Tamaki, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, Hunny, Fangirls
32 ♥ Skip Beat
~ Kyoko, Ren, Maria, Moko, Yashiro
5 ♥ Random
~ Quotes, You're So Cool

23rd-Mar-2009 11:05 pm - 97 icons. :D
Hi all~! It's me~! Again~!

I finished up those requests! *whew* And am here to share a large amount of icons. Some from volume 22 of Fruits Basket (recently released in America), others are requests, and some are random fun I had. :D I even threw in a couple slightly religious icons for the heck of it. XD Fun times~!

I don't know how I found the time to make nearly a hundred icons (over a hundred if you include the requests that I won't be sharing~!). I've been working full time weeks (not this week, yay!) and have recently begun to work out (yay! but boy am i sore!).

So, yeah! Have fun~! ♥

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
+Resources + Affiliate

(37) Fruits Basket
-- Yuki, Kyo, Tohru, Machi, Hatori, Hiro, Arisa, Akito, Haru, Momiji
(3) Hoshi wa Utau
(15) A Knight's Tale
(18) Ouran High School Host Club
-- Kyoya, Mori, Tamaki, Hikaru, Kaoru
(24) Misc.
- 10 Things I Hate About You
- artwork by Derek Hegsted
- Enchanted
- Gakuen Alice
- Full moon
- artwork by odd_rikkku
- Tora Dora
- The Wallflower
- Kuroshitsuji

Put a smile on your face, make this world a better place...Collapse )
22nd-Feb-2009 10:22 am - note to requesters
To those still waiting for their requests, no worries! I'm working on them. I got caught up in work and reading some new manga (yay new material~!). ♥ But let it be known, I did not forget you~!
11th-Feb-2009 05:14 pm - Requests. :D
I was going to wait for 7 more people to join, but since it's my birthday, I figured I might as well give back to all ya'll.

So... this your time to request.

Some guidelines:
#1: I will take the first 24 people or the whoever answers within the first 24 hours (so around 6 pm PST tomorrow, I will close this), whichever comes first.
#2: They can be a request to upload a song of mine I've used in the past. (I list the songs I use on the bottom of my icon posts)
#3: No more than 2 icon requests. I may make more if I feel the desire to (or if I make alternates to the ones I make for you).
#4: Please let me know if you're willing to let me share them. If you don't tell me you're willing to, I'll automatically assume that it's just for you and I will not post them in my next entry.
#5: If it's something I don't icon often, please provide a resource of sorts for me to use.
#6: Let me know any specifics (image, character, lyrics to use.. whatever in your request)
#7: I am willing to do non-anime/manga stuff, refer to number 5 for requesting such (unless it's Twilight, then I'm sure I can find something to bounce off of, unless you have something specific in mind).
#8: Icons only this time (except in the case of #2). I currently don't have the 'patience', 'motivation', or 'attention span' (call it what you will) to make headers at this time. ^///^ gomen!

Again, thank you for all the support you guys have shown me the past couple years, especially to those of you have been watching since I started. :D Ya'll are awesome! I really appreciate it.

Requests Closed

5th-Feb-2009 09:01 pm - spam

a chance for you to critique my style. :D *bows* anything you can suggest or comment on will be much appreciated.
28th-Jan-2009 07:47 pm - 78 Icons
Hi all~! ♥ I've been in an icon making mood lately (finishing that iconfiend helped a lot~! ♥!) So here's 78 new icons~! ♥ (too tired to make this any longer!)

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
+Resources + Affiliate

(21) Fruits Basket
-- Uo, Ayame, Hana, Kyo, Kyoko, Tohru, Yuki, Kisa

(9) Gakuen Alice
-- Iinchou, Kokoroyomi/Mind-reader, Mikan, Narumi

(30) Ouran High School Host Club
-- Haruhi, Hunny, Kaoru, Kyoya, Mori, Tamaki, Fangirl, Group shot

(18) Others
-- Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Taylor Swift, random quotes

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