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25th-Jan-2009 09:53 pm - Flowers of Furuba: COMPLETE~!

as of: 1/25/09
Pairing/Character: The Flowers Females of Fruits Basket
Theme set: delta
Theme(s): all
# of icons in post: 16
# of icons completed total: 100/100
Credits: can be found here

IT'S DONE! OMG. IT'S DONE! It took me nearly 2 years to finish, but I did it!! ♥ You can see definite growth as an icon maker throughout this iconfiend... so that's really awesome. XD I keep doing little dances, because I'm so excited! But it's DONE!!!!! ♥

( All I ever wanted... )
18th-Jan-2009 08:11 pm - "Leave It All To Me" with Tamaki Suoh

Username: aeolianafay
Subject: Tamaki Suoh
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Lyrics: Here | youTube | download
Credits: Here

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7th-Dec-2008 06:19 pm - 72 Icons~! XD
It's the holidays~! This is the time of year that I wish I worked some place other than retail. But as I was shopping last week, I picked up volume 21 of Fruits Basket and instantly felt the need to icon it. XDDD I didn't icon some parts of it as much, because I've already iconed them to death (i.e. chapter 125, haha, I've already iconed that chapter a LOT through my lyricon challenges). :D

Anyway, keeping my discourse short this time. Time for icons~! Sorry for being too lazy again, so they're all in the same table. XD The holidays ARE killer (still love 'em though!).

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(39) Fruits Basket
-- Akito, Haru, Rin, Kyo, Kakeru, Machi, Shigure, Tohru, Yuki

(19) Ouran High School Host Club
-- Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, Hunny, Mori, Tamaki

(13) Disney's Little Mermaid
-- Ariel, Flounder, Skuttle

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26th-Oct-2008 05:10 pm - 72 Icons~!
It's been nearly 3 months since my last icon post. Ooops. Sorry to leave you hanging. Haha. No school, but I've been working full time and reading a lot more (thanks to Twilight, my ability to sit and read regular novels instead of only manga has returned to my pre-otaku/college days ability... yay!).

Anyway, some of these I made shortly after my last drop, others are random things I created within the past few months and some are in response to some of the responses I got from the post I posted last week. :D

I'm seriously surprised at how many icons I managed to conjure up despite my recent lack of enthusiasm for photoshop and the interweb. XD Enjoy~! XD I hope I don't go so long without posting again. I enjoy making icons too much to forget how much I enjoy making them. Haha. And also, I was too lazy to organize this post into seperate tables for seperate fandoms, so you'll get it in one large table. Gomen, ne? XD

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+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
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(72) Icons
(5) Cinderella (disney's)
(10) Fruits Basket
- Kimi, Kakeru, Machi, Momiji, Tohru, Yuki
(7) Gakuen Alice
- Hotaru, Mikan, Natsume, Luca, Quotes
(23) Ouran High School Host Club
- Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, Hunny, Renge, Tamaki, Kirimi, Lobelia girls
(27) Twilight the Movie
- Bella, Edward, Emmett, The Cullen Clan, misc.

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5th-Oct-2008 05:21 pm - Help~! ♥
So, as I'm searching for ideas on things to icon, I'm turning to you, my watchers to help me.

To help me, I want you to answer these questions:

What are your favorite Fruits Basket and/or Ouran chapters/arcs and/or episodes? (I love the "/" button)

What is your favorite classic Disney film?

Which of the following manga would you like to see quote icons from?
-- Gakuen Alice, Nosatsu Junkie, or Skip Beat?

Have any manga suggestions for me to read? I'm open to anything available on onemanga or mangafox (I have limited fund for published stuff, for which I use for my favorite manga and obsessions).

What is your favorite non-classic Disney film? I'll let you know if I've seen it or not. (edit: This pretty much means ANY FILM)
Fill free to suggest movies to me, knowing what kind of manga I enjoy, you should hopefully be able to determine what kind of movies I would enjoy. (I do not mind teen flicks, but I do mind thrillers, horror, and most slapstick comedy).

Thank you for all your help~! I am currently working on a small icon post (so far it's about 20 Twilight movie icons and 20 Ouran icons). :D Sooo, we'll see what I can do. :D I'm very bored and have been watching too much TV and reading Twilight too much (I've read the series 3 times in the past month, with the first time ever being a little over a month ago and included a trip to FORKS, since I only live 3 hours away and it's cheaper than flying to Japan for my other fandoms).
12th-Aug-2008 07:02 pm - 101 Fruits Basket + Ouran
I decided to challenge myself. I wanted to make some Fruits Basket anime icons, but I kept making Ouran ones. So I said "K, we'll do 50 of each~!". XD I ended up having 51 of Fruits Basket, but still. It's good~! ♥

All of these are from the animes. There's no manga images, so therefore, unless you've never seen the animes, no spoilers. XD

:D Have fun~!

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
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(51) Fruits Basket
- Akito, Arisa, Kyo, Tohru, Shigure, Ayame, Yuki, Momiji
(50) Ouran
- Haruhi, Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hunny, Mori, Fangirls, Suzuran from Lobelia

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30th-Jul-2008 04:12 pm - 97 Icons. :D
Large post~! ♥~! 3 icons short of having a hundred. XD I was going to post this yesterday, but missed an icon and screwed up the coding when trying to re-add said missing icon. So I re-did it today after work. ^/////^;;

Mostly Ouran again (I am not obsessed, I swear, just very passionate). :D However, I have a wide array of other fandoms in the "OTHER" section, thanks to my recent request post. ;) Thanks to all who requested. :D

BTW, if you haven't seen this video, you need to. I promise, I'm not rick rolling you or anything. If I was going to do that, I would simply send you here. :p But seriously, the first video is a must see. :D I don't usually watch online videos (I usually make ICONS), but it was too awesome to pass up. :D

+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
+Resources + Affiliate

(66) Ouran Host Club High School
-1- Fangirls
-1- Haruhi
-3- HikaruxHaruhi
-3- Hikaru
-6- Kaoru
-6- Twins
-6- TwinsxTamaki
-4- TwinsxTamakixHaruhi
-1- TamakixHaruhi
-3- TamakixHaruhixRanka
-2- TamakixKyoya
-13- Tamaki
-3- Hunny-senpai
-4- Nekozawa
-5- Ranka
-2- Renge
-3- Shiro
(31) Others
-4- Axis Power Hetalia (UK & France)
-4- D.Gray Man
-6- Fruits Basket
-1- Five
-2- Hayate the Combat Butler
-4- Legal Drug
-1- Hotaru no Hikari
-2- "I LOVE ICONS" icons
-5- Vanessa Carlton
-2- DC/Washington Memorial/War Memorial icon

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21st-Jul-2008 09:03 pm - To those waiting for requests
To those still waiting for requests to be done, I'm getting to them. :D Just working nearly 40 hours again this week with no day off til Friday. So they'll get done by next week, I promise. :D
13th-Jul-2008 11:48 pm - Thank You + TRL/MARYSTYLE#2

Wow~! ♥ I'm loved. :D So to return the love, REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN. Reserve your spot now~! ♥

1) Can be ANY series. Even ones I don't normally icon nor like. XD
1A) if it is a series I don't normally icon, please provide me with some sort of image resource.

2) I will take the first 20 requests or until Saturday. Whichever comes first. ♥

3) If you have a particular caption or song you would like me to draw inspiration from, please share. ♥

4) The icons will be for your use only, unless you give me permission to use them in my next icon post (simply add something like "I wouldn't mind you sharing the icons" in your comment.

5) Could be something other than an icon. I am willing to make headers and/or friends only banners and/or forum signatures.
5A) Please provide image size (preferably in pixels) if requesting one of these and what caption you'd like if anything in particular.

6) Have fun. My photoshop is OPEN and READY (tomorrow, now is bedtime).

Matching friends only banner to thank you banner, as an extra gift...Collapse )
12th-Jul-2008 01:25 pm - 80 Ouran High School Host Club icons
So can you tell what I'm currently slightly obsessing over? XDDDDDD I was going to make a hundred, but I have to go to work soon and I figure I'll be nice to my dial up friends. :D I'll be making a quite bit more, too. Or so, that's the plan. I only covered the first 5 episodes of the anime plus some of the earlier chapters of the manga. So this is an incredibly spoiler free post. :D Haha. ♥

I played A LOT with selective color in these. Nearly every icon has SOME SORT of selective coloring on it. I probably did it TOO MUCH, but it was fun. I also over used a couple fonts (♥ go to Cooper Black, Atilla, and Abadi). :D And I abused the "stroke" fuction for text. But I guess it goes with the anime. So it works~! XDDDD And lots of crack sugar was involved in the making of these icons, with extra help from the english casting announcement for the ouran anime. :DDDD SO EXCITING. :D I know there are people who aren't as incredibly impressed, but I think they made awesome choices. So excited that I made 80 icons in 2 days. :DDDD Go me?


+Comments are love (even if you don't take any!)
+Crediting merrychildicons is love, too
+Stealing is not love.
+Hotlinking is definitely NOT love.
+Resources + Affiliate

(80) Ouran High School Host Club
-18- Haruhi
-1- HaruhixHikaru
-1- HaruhixHikaruxKaoru
-8- Hunny
-1- HunnyxMori
-5- Kaoru
-10- KaoruxHikaru
-2- Kyoya
-18- Tamaki
-2- TamakixHaruhi
-7- Group shots
-4- Renge
-1- Kanako
-2- Scenery

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